Go Kyung Pyo and Girls Generation's Seohyun acted out the favorite moment of their fans in the new teaser of the JTBC drama "Private Lives."

"Private Lives" tells a story of con artists living in the current age where people steal, fabricate, and share their private lives.

The con artists use all their techniques to disclose the nation's foremost "private life" that the world does not know. Leading the drama are Seohyun of Girls Generation, Kim Young Min, Kim Hyo Jin, and Go Kyung Pyo.

Girls Generation's Seohyun did a Live broadcast on Instagram from the filming set last June. Go Kyung Pyo popped into the video and said hello to his fans.

Their fans loved their chemistry and dubbed them the "Pangyo Newlyweds." The nickname is given as a reference on how many fans think that they look young newlywed professionals living in the town of Pangyo, a tech cluster outside of Seoul.

The new teaser shows Seohyun seemingly doing a live broadcast. She is calling Go Kyung Pyo in his character name Jung Hwan, the same as what she did in the Instagram live.

Go Kyung Pyo is wearing a while long sleeves with a black necktie- the same outfit during the Instagram live. Even though he is busy talking to someone on the phone, he manages to smile at the camera. He left Seohyun a sweet kiss on her head before he left the shot.

Moreover, the clip switched in, highlighting the actors with chameleon-like skills as their characters. They are showing pulling off various personas entirely as they change their looks and outfits.

Seohyun's character Chu Ju Eun was described by her tagline that goes by con artist by lifestyle. Meanwhile, Go Kyung Pyo is playing Lee Jung Hwa, referred to as the man with an unknowable identity. (Via Soompi)