On September 22, MONSTA X was disclosed as part of the visit Korean Heritage Campaign by the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Cultural Heritage Foundation.

The Korean Heritage Campaign promotes Korean culture and traditions to help individuals rekindle the importance of Korea's history and heritage and to increase national awareness of it as a peaceful place to relax, explore, and more!

MONSTA X will be featured in the "Culture Heritage Travelog" on a fresh Youtube content together with Professor Seo Kyoung Duk. They ride through the various routes of cultural heritage visits and express a historical background behind every patrimony. (via Soompi)

Professor Seo Kyoung Duk stated that by partaking in the "Visit Campaign for Cultural Heritage," headed by the Korean Heritage Foundation and the Cultural Heritage Administration, "K-pop was introduced and continues to be known to the globe through Monsta X! Since I took the opportunity to say, "We're so proud young people," I took a very significant shot at these great young people."

He added that through K-pop idols, South Korea's world-class cultural heritage would be known abroad. It will bring significant changes and contributions to its homeland, concluding roads, folktales, and natural paths as the things Professor Seo would like to emphasize more for its international audience.

The members of the boy band MONSTA X conveyed how this opportunity is such an honor for them, as they can be part of something big and important by promoting their culture and traditions to their fans globally in South Korea.

They hoped that more people would take interest through this campaign as they unveil the true beauty of their culture and traditions. Effective on September 29th, 'Cultural Heritage Travelog' is to be published on the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign's YouTube channel!

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