he Fact Music Awards announced that it would be holding a ceremony for this year, even without an audience.

The second annual The Fact Music Awards had to cancel its physical ceremony due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, but instead, they opt to announce its winners online. The awards show, originally scheduled to take place in February at the Gocheok SkyDome. The show should include the star-studded lineup of performing artists like BTS, Super Junior, TWICE, MONSTA X, MAMAMOO, and Red Velvet.

The organizing committee for The Fact Music Awards declared on September 21 that the show would pursue online having no audience for its third year, to protect the safety of the artists and their fans. The awarding ceremony will soon take place sometime in December, earlier than in previous years.

The committee's representative said that the third annual The Fact Music Awards sets to take place in December in an "ontact" (online and contact-free) ceremony.

To determine the awards for this year will be through a mix of objective data such as analysis of a panel of judges, and album sales and song's digital results. Moreover, fans' participation and support within Korea and abroad will add to the artist's scores for 2020.

According to the organizing committee, The Fact Music Awards also planned to take advantage of its new "ontact format on showcasing a wide variety of spectacular performances this year.

The committee's representative again commented on keeping the current "ontact" era. This year's show will be a fresh and new kind of K-pop festival compared to the past typical year-end music awards shows. They are also planning a variety of special events for the fans and the strict inspections in ensuring smooth and high-quality concerts.

The Fact Music Awards will declare at a later date this year's lineup of performing artists and also the official criteria for judgment of its awards. Viewers and fans are encouraged to get excited and anticipate for some more updates.