On the September 19 episode of MBC’s “How Do You Play?” the Refund Expedition and its road to their debut.

In the continuation of the Refund Expedition’s meeting at the house of Uhm Jung Hwa, Jessi talked about her different experiences and said that because of ‘Real Men’ she went to the army twice. She recommended that Lee Hyori go on the show “Fake Men,” and Lee Hyori replied that they should go together before their album comes out.

During Fin K.L, the members rowed a boat across the Han River. It was a night at that time, and the other person scoops water out from the ship while the other one keeps rowing.

In the episode, Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk) decided on managers for the new girl group. He contacted a fortune teller to help him make his final decision and told him that Jung Jae Hyung would be the best pick for the new girl group.

The fortune-teller said that he might fight with them, but it will not be a big fight, and he will be obedient. He added that Jung Jae Hyung and Kim Jong Min do not have an interest in each other. They even ignore each other.

Jimmy Yoo called for another meeting with Kim Jong Min and asked him to pick a stage name for his managerial job. Lee Hyori asked So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki as managers, and they told Kim Jong Min to go by the name of “Kim Ji Sub.”

Jung Jae Hyung brought his puppy to the meeting with Jimmy Yoo, and he explained that it is too early, and he did not have time to find a baby sitter. Jung Jae Hyung’s stage name will go as “Jung Bong Won.”

Kim Ji Sub was aksed by Chun Ok on why he would run away if he met Chun Ok in the street. Man Ok sain to Jung Bong Won that he will call him by his stage name, and it is his time for revenge.

From first to last, the person always wanted to put himself first, but Chun Ok stated that when Man Ok was sick, he met up with him and cried a lot. It also made Jung Jae Hyung and Uhm Jung Hwa tear up. (Via Soompi)