BTS sparks joy in a bedazzling music video, 'Stay Gold!'

With a sparkling 10 million youtube views in a matter of 5 hours, BTS has proven that they are the real deal!

On June 26, BTS released their much-anticipated music video entitled 'Stay Gold.' The captivating video started with Jungkook's vibrant and serene voice setting the mood singing the catchy lyrics, "In a world where you feel cold, you gotta stay gold."

The dynamics of the set shown, starting from a gloomy start to the sparkly gold chorus is genuinely a pure joy to fans.

The septet, basking in the sun and appreciating the night with showers of gold in the video, is valuable. It radiates breakthrough and contentment even in the most unlikely times. An indeed must pick MV favorite for this week.

"Stay Gold is a big masterpiece like all other BTS' comebacks. ARMYs all over the world keep streaming this gold," a fan commented. "This song is so perfect for such dark times. Stay positive & hopeful!! Things will get better! Stay gold," said another fan.

In a survey, last week on Billboard, where fans vote for their favorite unreleased big-beat ballad, 'Stay Gold' wows with 84% of the vote. It is not a surprise that the newly released MV will reach another milestone in the days to come. In second place was John Legend's new album, Bigger Love, and HER's new track placed third.

The song (released last week) will be featured as part of the original soundtrack for the Japanese drama, 'Spiral Labyrinth- DNA Forensic Investigation,' and reported to serve as drama's theme song.

'Stay Gold' will be included in BTS's fourth Japanese studio album, 'Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey,' which will be out on July 15.

Meanwhile, 'Map of the Soul' world tour schedules are being suspended and rescheduled due to coronavirus pandemic.