South Korean K-pop boy band VAV has shared another piece of listening worthy songs as they recall sweet memories to each record. VAV has dropped its sixth extended play entitled ‘Made For Two.’

‘Made For Two’

The said album is apparent that it was well curated through its “balanced shuffle-based rhythm” and Scandinavian pop beat, as per Hellokpop. Furthermore, the title track of the album pictures a beautiful memory that sings about dreaming of being with the person you truly love while gripping hardly onto the past.

The next track that bottle up the album is ‘Into You,’ written by St. Van. The said track is an English categorized record that contains a summer-like melody, sharing the message of being inspired to someone.

Another track from ‘Made For Two’ is Ayno’s craft, called ‘Moto.’ The said track has a touch of more uniqueness to it as it possesses synth and electronic pop beats, giving prominence to each member’s enticing vocals.

‘Hold Tight’ had Ace’s participation during its composition that is a melancholy ballad. On the other, Lou produced the song called ‘You Taught Me Love,’ which is a sad English song that tags along with EDM beat.

‘Made For Two’ Music Video

The music video of the album’s title track of the same name is made for nature adventurers, as it is genuinely a wanderlust. Moreover, the music video is full of revitalizing vibes and scenic captures, alongside the immense dance moves and skillful acting of each band member.

The song’s video was captured in various setups, starting for fascinating hills and green forest treads, to the mesmerizing waters of the ocean. The scenic views match the looks of each band member as they harmonize with the track’s melody and beat.

Furthermore, the fans of VAV, who call themselves VAMPZ, was marvelously captivated with their idols, both through the album and music video release.