Wonho recently posed a pictorial with 1st Look magazine and talked about his promotion as a solo artist!

In the post-shoot interview of Wonho with the magazine, he said that he is performing on stage on his own with his solo album. He reveals that he felt a significant amount of pressure due to the thought that he need to take responsibility all on his own for everything from beginning to end. And because of the great staff who’ve done an excellent job at making up for his shortcomings, Wonho expressed that he thinks he put out a high-quality album.

The solo debut album of Wonho is titled “Love Synonym #1: Right for Me,” and the singer shared about the meaning behind the name. He said that the definition of ‘love’ is different for each person. He continued that communicating with fans and people in the world can be called ‘love.’ “The cover design has brackets on it if you look at the album. I hope that when you’re listening to my songs, you’ll put your love between the brackets.”

Wonho shared that while preparing for his solo album, he thought about himself and defined himself as a “person who’s like water.”

Moreover, the singer said that water would freeze, melt, flow, or take shape, depending on the environment it’s in. Wonho continued that just like water that mixes well with anything except for oil; his personality reflects a bit of the kind of nature too. The singer also noted that he even wants to become more like that, the type of person who isn’t rigid and can do my part whenever needed.

The full interview of Wonho and his charismatic pictorials can be found in the 204th issue of 1st Look magazine.

Here is Wonho’s solo debut MV for “Open Mind.”!