SM Entertainment is overflowing with highly talented musicians dominating every area, whether singing, dancing, rapping, or an outstanding visual.

That being said, who do you think would be picked as the best dancers as someone who has expertise and background in the sector? A recent performance director named Kim Jun Seok entered SM Entertainment in 2020, one of South Korea's 'Big 3' talent companies.

Lately, the former director of ARTBEAT (a channel choreography director for YouTube) took minutes to address several concerns from people on social media and fans when one user grabbed his attention in addressing the question.

The user asked for his input, in specific, whether who from the biggest name in the K-pop scene has the best dance abilities. Kim finally replied most SM artists are generally great in dancing.

Still, these Top 3 male stars are top-notch when it gets to possessing 'crazy' dancing abilities, referring to the current SM success director. (via Kpopstarz)

EXO's Kai

One of Kim's selections is Kai, an EXO member. Indeed, every supporter's heart is ravaged by Kai's rich history in dance and piping hot dance routines. The idol recognizes different styles, namely jazz, ballet, K-pop, modern dance, hip-hop, and several others.

The idol learns his natural-born and enthusiasm for dancing at an early age. Still, his commitment paid off with his sheer determination and relentless effort to develop, including 24/7 practice and an absolute passion for music.


Taemin, SHINee's maknae, and sole dancer are in the overall ranking, too!

Michael Jackson is the icon who inspired him very much to try music and dancing, as per Taemin. He managed to pass by at the young age of 12 and became SM Entertainment's trainee.

You could tell when he debuted with SHINee that his dancing abilities were outstanding, but not conflicting with other participants. Meanwhile, amid huge success, when he emerged as a solo act, Taemin went for the unusual genre of style and resisted gender norms.

He was advised he should do content that could be prevalent with new K-pop fans potentially, but Taemin expressed that he wanted to do his style, just being Taemin.


Taeyong is an all-rounder's true meaning. Not only is he one of the best and most successful dancers, but he's also a leader, artist, key rap artist, and a visual.

Can you imagine that their dance instructor once characterized this star with a flaming stage presence and powerful dance movements as "hopeless?"

However, he earned his place with his tenacity and rose to have been one of K-pop's tremendous artists. His dance moves were precise, or rather, his energy is remarkable while dancing.

He can execute the choreography flawlessly and groove to it like he owns the entire album. He is undoubtedly a top-notch performer, obtained from his passion and enthusiasm for entertaining with his talent.