The South Korean all-boy band BTOB card-carrying member Yook Sungjae has graced in a new military video.

On September 13 (Sunday), the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of National Defense uploaded a 40-second video clip on Youtube to celebrate and remember the forthcoming 72nd Armed Forces Day this October 1.

The K-pop idol did not just narrate the whole video but also became the center of it.

The video is a part of the government’s campaigned called ‘Please Send Heartwarming Greetings’ that glazes to encourage the country’s dedicated armed forces and support members of the public who are getting exhausted because of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Furthermore, the said campaign allows each member of the armed forces and the citizens of the country to help each other out by sending and sharing positive and uplifting messages of love, hope, and support. Anyone from South Korean, no matter the status and positions, can take part in the campaign.

Yook Sungjae plays the role of a soldier in the video while his narration plays on the background.

The encouraging narration of the enlisted K-pop idol goes like this: “We remember our precious ordinary days. We are waiting for the ordinary tomorrow when we’ll smile again. Until the day when we all run together, please send heartwarming greetings.”

Yook Sungjae bids his temporary goodbye to BTOB and his fans on May 11 as he enlisted the government’s mandatory military service as a soldier.

The idol’s fellow BTOB member Eungkwang shared footage on ‘The Manager’s’ May 23 episode where he says goodbye to Yook Sungjae and Hyunsik. Eungkwang, BTOB’s leader, was the first from the group who had completed his military service, who was very generous and loving to invite his friends to dinner before their expected enlistment.

Meanwhile, watch BTOB’s Yook Sungjae’s video below!