Upcoming JTBC drama "Private Lives" releases its first video teaser for their first episode!

The upcoming drama will occur in the current age in which people share, steal, and fabricate their private lives. The story is about con artists who will be mobilizing all the techniques they know to disclose the nation's foremost "private life."

Seohyun of Girls' Generation will be playing the character of Cha Ju Eun. She will have an "alternative character" or a persona as a sheltered only child, but her true self is a con artist since birth. Cha Ju Eun is the master of disguise who has an elegant aura and has fooled many people.

Lee Jung Hwan will be played by Go Kyung Pyo, acting as a team leader in a big company. Lee Jung Hwan is a mysterious man with still an unknown identity. While he looks good, like a polished businessman on the outside, everyone is always curious and wants to know the mystery surrounding him.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyo Jin is taking the character Jung Bok Gi, a con artist that sits at the top of one percent among all the con artists. Kim Young Min will play Kim Jae Wook, a con artist full of ambition and Jung Bok Gi's business partner.

In the released teaser, Cha Ju Eun, together with her assistant Han Son (Tae Won Suk), confirmed that they are ready to resume their "business." It turns out that they are targeting Bong Juk Gi, whose identity is also unknown.

The characters trade some suspicious documents and bundles of money. Cha Ju Eun said that she would be ending this right away once the money is deposited. But, her plans seem to fall apart.

Cha Ju Eun disguised herself as a different person, and she goes nervous whenever someone is not picking up her call. The con artist's parents are in on her plans as well. The teaser shows a hint who will win the war, Cha Ju Eun, or the unknown identity Jung Bok Gi.

Moreover, Lee Jung Hwan received a large amount of money, and he appeared that he made a deal with a mysterious man who said that someone wants to kill them, but the unknown man could not do it because he does not have the money.

Lee Jung Hwan is convincing Jung Bok gi to trust him. The later part will show why Lee Jung Hwan is trying to get her on his side.

Lastly, Jung Bok Gi and Kim Jae Wook are planning on disappearing. While talking on the phone, Jung Bok Gi says that he will not be returning from the time he leaves. Kim Jae Wook is seen sitting on an airplane as if he is on vacation.

The story conveys the plan that needs a sense of trust and makes viewers wonder what they are really up to. (Via Soompi)