The South Korean rookie all-boy band WEi poked their fans' anticipation as the group revealed the final launch date of their forthcoming debut album. Not just that, WEi also shared intriguing teasers that set the excitement of their fans.

A report released by Hellokpop on September 12, WEi's home management and recording label Oui Entertainment, joyously announced that their long-awaited boy band would arrive on the K-pop world next month, October 5.

WEi, consisting of rookie idols Kim Donghan, Jang Daehyeon, Kim Yohan, Yoo Yongha, Kim Junseo, and Kang Seokhwa, is more than ready to captivate their fans' hearts as they have prepared themselves out for their debut.

As the band's sophistication is nearing to happen, each of the members comes from various reality shows and bands. Members Kim Donghan and Jang Daehyeon were erstwhile members of JBJ and Rainz, respectively. Meanwhile, members Yoo Yongha and Kim Junseo formerly participated in the 'Under 19' reality show.

What's more, members Kim Yohan and Kang Seokhwa hail as part of Mnet's survival program called 'Produce X 101.' Since then, Kim Yohan landed a spot on the boy group X1 as the band's leading act. However, the said band severed their connection with each other by the end of 2019.


After Oui Entertainment's announcement, the agency revealed an enticing concept video that gives prominence to each member of WEi. The agency shared the said concept video through its official social media channels.

In the concept video, WEi showed their intense auras and attitude as they gaze towards the sky.

The said video tags along with a refreshing tune in the background as the band flaunted themselves, holding onto a butterfly and a meteor.

While the lads are gripping onto the objects firmly, WEi's radiance illumines throughout the video clip as they show off their beaming and youthful demeanors.