Kim Bum may be joining Kim Myung Min, Ryu Hye Young, and more in a new drama lineup!

OSEN reported on September 15 that Kim Bum had chosen the JTBC drama "Law School" (working title) as his next project following "Tale of the Nine Tailed." The report further described the show as a story that follows the case of the murder of a professor at a prestigious law school. The professors and students of the school become suspects in the murder, and the drama will featuring the characters' realizations about the law and justice as they search for the killer.

Furthermore, according to reports, Kim Bum's will be playing Jun Hwi, and he and Kim Myung Min were described as playing a student and teacher.

The agency of Kim Bum, King Kong by Starship, commented by telling Newsen that day that Kim Bum has received an offer for "Law School," and the actor is positively considering it.

Previously, it was reported that Kim Myung Min is considering an offer to take a criminal law professor's role in the drama. Also, Ryu Hye Young has been offered the female lead role and is also reviewing it.

Kim Seok Yoon will be directing "Law School" who has helmed projects such as the "Detective K" film series, the dramas "Old Miss Diary," "Radiant," "Awl," and more. Meanwhile, Seo In is writing the script of the drama series.

Kim Bum In 'Tale Of The Nine Tailed'

Kim Bum will be taking the role of Yi Rang in 'Tale Of The Nine Tailed.' He is Yi Yeon's half-brother, who was born from a human and a gumiho. As described in the drama, Yi Rang is a dangerous gumiho with volatile emotions set to bring the story's conflict. Skilled at transformation, Yi Yeon frequently changes his figure. He sees through human greed and uses their desires to place bets.

The drama will be premiering on October 7 at 10:50 p.m. KST as the follow-up to "Flower of Evil."