The Wednesday-Thursday drama of KBS 2TV "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" has released new stills of Lee Jae Wook!

The romantic comedy "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" tells the story of an energetic pianist named Goo La La (played by Go Ara) and an expert part-timer named Sun Woo Joon (played by Lee Jae Wook). The pair meets at the piano academy called "La La Land" in a small countryside village with secrets and scars that they are hiding.

The Surprising Sun Woo Joon's Character

The character of Sun Woo Joon seems cold and uncaring but, in reality, has a heart of gold. He's rough with his words, but he's also surprisingly fragile. Distancing himself from others will bring a wave of sympathy, and highlighting his unique charms, even more, is his indifferent personality will.

A Burdened And Suspicious Character

The newly released peeks of Sun Woo Joon shine a light on his lonely life. At the construction site he's working at, he takes a lonely break, and when his shift is over, he looks up at the sky with massive shoulders. In another image, Sun Woo Joon appears in a suit with a peeved expression on his face. It can be observed that he was involved in a physical fight due to the cut on his lip.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo Joon's eyes are flashing with anger as he snatches away the cellphone of a person who took photos of him. His suspicious behavior increases the viewers' curiosity about the secret behind his complicated life.

The Director's Views

As per director Kim Min Kyung, Sun Woo Joon has a new and unique charm that has never been seen in a previous male lead. "Viewers will see a combination of fresh boyishness and mysterious maturity in his portrayal of the role."

Per Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook, in talking about his role, said that he thinks people are drawn to Sun Woo Joon because he doesn't express himself that much, which makes them more curious about him. "I hope to portray his charms convincingly."

The high-anticipated drama, "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" will be premiering October 7 at 9:30 p.m. KST.