On September 11 (Friday), the tragic news of the death of former EXO member Huang Zitao's father broke. In a Kpopstarz report, the idol's father passed away due to unrevealed chronic sickness; he was 52 years old.

Huang Zitao, also known as Tao, is in partnership with his father, Huang Zhongdong, in facilitating L.Tao Entertainment, a management company. The father and son duo started the company in 2018, who is also responsible for sharing the saddening news of Huang Zhongdong's death via Weibo.

"L.Tao Entertainment delivers the unfortunate news that our founder and executive director, Mr. Huang Zhongdong, passed away from illness on September 11, 2020, at 52-years-old," the company said.

Furthermore, L.Tao Entertainment shared an open letter to the press, explaining the death of their official.

Tao and his deceased father have always been close to each other. The idol even graced several variety shows with his father. In 2015, Huang Zhongdong created a Weibo account so he could share how much his song treasured and loved his former K-pop group EXO and his career in the K-pop industry. However, Tao was forced to abrupt his connection to the group and go back to China because of his health.

In his post, Huang Zhongdong shared a post where he expressed his gratefulness to each member of EXO for taking care of his son, and as well as SM Entertainment. He also expressed his apology to the fans of the group and Tao for the decision he has made.

Huang Zhongdong's last Weibo post was in July of this year, which he shared a celebration post for L.Tao Entertainment's second anniversary.

For the time being, Huang Zitao is yet to share his sentiments towards his father's death, but his fans already sent him their condolences and sympathies. Moreover, the company urged everyone to give the former EXO member time to grieve and mourn the loss of his father.