Popular actors Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul swept the female and male awards respectively for the category of Hallyu Drama Best Actor on the 2020 Seoul Drama Awards held by MBC on the 15th of September. Both actors gave their speeches on the virtual event.

The awarding this year was held via “ontact,” due to the ongoing pandemic and was broadcasted online. Son Ye Jin gave her heartfelt thanks to her fans who shared their enormous love to her hit drama, Crash Landing On You.

Thank you for loving Crash Landing On You, not only locally but also from international fans.” The actress continued saying that she believes that it was due to the amount of love she received from fans that she was able to win such an outstanding award.

Furthermore, Son Ye Jin went to say on her message that she thinks that everyone is tired and going through a rough time now, and all she hopes is that all people can all cheer each other on and find strength. “I hope we can meet again, smiling.”

Meanwhile, Kang Ha Neul also won the award for his exemplary performance in “When the Camellia Blooms,” a drama that did well in local and international scenes. The actor thanked the other cast and crew for contributing to the award, and he cutely declared his love, in-character, to Dong Baek-ssi.

The actor jokingly talked about his beard and shared that he intentionally let it grow in preparation for a movie, and not that he woke up and decided to show up ungroomed.

The actor on the live virtual awarding said that he doesn’t know if he can still portray in another drama that is as good as “When The Camella Blooms,”  showing his gratefulness for the drama and great happiness that he became part of it.

The actor thanked the producer, the writer of the drama, and his co-stars Jung Se, Jung Eun, as well as Hyo Jin, who helped him the most for the role. “Dong Baek-ssi, I love you! Thank you to everyone that helped me carve my name here as well. Thank you for this honor,” Kang Ha Neul expressed.