NCT and WayV Lucas, who are presently promoted as SuperM artists, suffer criticism from K-pop fans and social media people.

It was due to their previously published material on YouTube for allegedly body-shaming co-member and EXO Baekhyun. SuperM posted new content on Sunday, labeled "SuperM: Midterm Exam (Mark and Baekhyun), on their official YouTube channel.

The members are being assessed in the episode to what degree they know their co-members. It is why they are expected to address the examiner's questions.

There was a query about the singer questioning throughout Baekhyun's turn or part "(What is) the weight of Baekhyun?" Lucas, who is considered a member who likes to jokingly mess around, replied, "As heavy as a pig." (via Kpopstarz)

Flustered, Baekhyun replied, "who said that?" and ultimately had no idea who wrote 'pig.' Knowing it to be Lucas, he just got over it and joked with other members.

Shortly afterward, supporters and social media users, especially some EXO-Ls, conveyed their disappointment and anger towards Lucas. On social media sites, the EXO's fandom posted how insensitive Lucas for relating Baekhyun as 'heavy as a pig.'

On the other hand, several other netizens and fans of NCT/WayV express that they were friends with Baekhyun and Lucas, and people really should not be so receptive to this particular issue. But many netizens and the fandom say it is cool to taunt a friend, but not body-shaming.

Netizens are arguing that when it comes to body shaming, folks can remove double expectations, as men's self-esteem could also be negatively impacted if people recognize that their bodies don't meet the standards.

In addition to that, making fun of others' appearance, body, color, race, and preferences will never be right. The rule does not apply to women alone, as it is relevant to men as well.