Lee Hyori talks about why she withdraws herself from social media.

In an episode of KakaoTV’s “Face ID” on the September 14, Lee Hyori was shown in the waiting room of a photoshoot. The singer, while taking selfies, was deliberating, and she asked people around her for their opinions about uploading the photos on social media. After the shoot, Lee Hyori had a video call with her husband Lee Sang Soon.

In another shooting set, Lee Hyori said while getting her makeup done that she’s trying to get rid of Instagram, but she doesn’t know how. She also added that deactivating her account is always on her mind when she opens it.

Regarding the singer’s reason for wanting to delete social media, Lee Hyori said that one of the several reasons is that she’s spending one or two hours a day looking at it. Lee Hyori showed a picture of her cat Soon Yi and said that one time, she was endlessly looking at Instagram, and then she realized Soon Yi kept staring her. She then wondered if when did Soon Yi start staring at her like that and said that she felt so sorry about it.

Lee Hyori continued sharing that the same scenario happens to her a lot. She revealed that she and her husband, Lee Sang Soon, spend more time looking at their phones than talking to each other. Another reason Lee Hyori mentioned is that she get asked all kinds of favors via DM.

She explained that there are a lot of people who ask her to lend them money, which she said is the most common thing in her social media. “They are so many that I can’t even lend it to all. When someone asks me for that kind of favor, I find it hard to don’t mind it.”

Lee Hyori revealed that the most significant reason wasn’t about the recent malicious comments. That’s something that she can accept and deal with. The singer then deleted her Instagram, mentioning “miscellaneous” as the reason.

After she deleted her social media account, she called Lee Sang Soon to let him know that she’d deleted it, and her husband said, “Good job. Congratulations. Congratulations on escaping from the cyber world.”

Moreover, Lee Hyori said that deleting her Instagram feels like retiring. "Instagram’s power is quite different now." The singer noted that she would be using another method of communicating with her fans.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori recently shared her intentions to step away from social media, and on her Instagram, she posted her last selfie on September 3 before deactivating her account.