"Peninsula," the anticipated sequel of the box office hit "Train to Busan," has released new still shots of Kang Dong Won who was recently confirmed to star in the forthcoming film. 

The thrilling fighting scenes and all the suspense make netizens wonder how the movie will surpass the first part, but Director Yeon Sang-Ho is ready to conquer a blockbuster film for the year 2020. He and the production also confirmed that "Peninsula" will hit the theaters in August this year. International premieres are to be arranged with the cast and director. 

"Peninsula" takes place four years after the first movie, with people who survived the undead-swarmed country. The still shots showed Kang Dong Won, playing as Jung Suk, holding a rifle. The people who survived the place after the zombies attacked are now more prepared to overcome another throng of zombies. In his character as Jung Suk, he will lead his people to stay alive amidst any circumstances. Together with the rest of the cast, they unite to find a place to hide and fight to survive.

Kang Dong Won already portrayed big-screen roles such as in "Tsunami LA" and even appeared in Hollywood. The upcoming film will add more to the list of Kang Dong Won's remarkable performance and, probably, future recognition. He started his career in modeling and joined acting as lead roles in a drama series.

The movie "Temptation of the Wolves" in the year 2014 was where Critics Choice recognized his acting skills. He won the Best New Actor award in this film. Since then, he received more projects and was marked as one of the leading actors in South Korea.

Kang Dong Won has appeared in 21 film movies since his film debut. He starred in Japan and other Asian countries and gained a place in the Hollywood industry. This only shows how versatile and good an actor he is.  

Together in the film is actress Lee Jung Hyun as one of the lead characters. She is one of the few people who stayed alive and helped others. Young actress Lee Re will fight in her own way together with the rest of the survivors. Actor Kwon Hae Yo's profession as a doctor in the film will enable him to find ways to solve the outbreak.