ONCEs are stepping up their battle to fight for TWICE's rights and proper management. Employing LED vehicles to assist with their peaceful rally, the fans come together to request two main things from the management group of Division 3 of JYP Entertainment.

The first is the pending litigation for derogatory remarks and requiring the agency to reveal such cases' outcomes. (via Koreaboo)

The second is TWICE's long-running musical record label, Naive, being replaced. Initially, Naive had brought TWICE into trouble, particularly for the music video of "MORE & MORE," in which artist David McCarty believed a backdrop was stolen from an art piece named "Pulse Portal."

The agitation vehicle targets explicitly Division 3, which is considered to have TWICE and formerly, Suzy. The truck was parked opposite the JYP Entertainment building. The strike lasts for three consecutive days.

Fans are said to have been initially sending emails to the agency for input on these two topics to be approached with no updates. Hence the protest started.

While most organizations investigate offensive remarks, hitting them with litigation as demonstrated by few media posts and statements from the firms themselves, the outcomes of such cases are challenging to be publicized because of internal security and executive orders.

It's not the first instance that fans have used LED trucks to help get their message conveyed. Fans of fellow JYP Entertainment group, GOT7, had recently likewise sent out a protesting vehicle to call for fair group treatment.


In June, TWICE's current music video for "MORE & MORE" has been criticized for plagiarizing the artwork of artist Davis McCarty.

McCarty designs exquisite crystal sculptures with bright, vibrant colors and his past creation appeared very close to a stage prop in the music video. Throughout the last chorus, the video in question is before TWICE bursts out of its dance phase.

The ladies stand on a platform in front of a natural landscape, showing the rainbow sculpture floating on a river. The design looks close to the artwork of Davis McCarty for the Baltimore's Light City Art Walk back in April 2018. (via Koreaboo)