K-Pop idols are not inexperienced with trauma, as many celebrities have opened up to emotional turmoil due to tragic incidents. We have made a compilation of some stars who underwent trauma below. (via Koreaboo)


In an Actor & Chatter segment, D.O. shared that he's worried about cameras because of a mistake he made in his debut at EXO. When he debuted on EXO, D.O. was responsible for the introduction of their track "MAMA. However, he eventually made an error because of how nervous he was while performing the track.

"We debuted with a single named 'MAMA,' and I was responsible for introducing the single. I was to define the track as 'It's a powerful dance track with a magnificent orchestra.' But all I couldn't recall the phrase 'magnificent' was the first line, and just remembered. I said, 'superior orchestra' instead. After my mistake, I could not even speak."


BoA made her debut when she was only thirteen, but she has had to cope with several painful things from a tender age. BoA revealed while on an episode of Because I Want to Talk that she suffered trauma after a question and answer session when she was 13.

Throughout the past discussion of how she felt about set to debut and not capable of living as a regular 13-year-old, she was questioned and gave a thoughtful response. However, because of her reaction, BoA eventually got lots of criticism from malicious netizens.

BoA was deeply affected by the criticism she received and never again used the term "catching rabbits."


K-Pop stars are always on screen, and that can escalate to some devastating stories. Dasom has expressed that she will still glance at her body whenever she made an appearance on camera, to see if she gained some weight. This ultimately caused Dasom to live in total weight-gaining tension and anxiety, which often resulted in her starving herself.


Rumors circulated during the late 1990s that Park Jiyoon is dating Kangta, who was among the most prominent stars in the era. Because of this gossip, several of Kanta's fans have initiated to harass Park Jiyoon regularly, including heading to her appointments to curse at her.

Owing to all this, Park Jiyoon gradually developed a fear of someone wearing a high school uniform.