ASTRO’s sub-unit that is composed of the doubleton Sanha and Moonbin have wrapped up their enthralling music video teaser released for their lead single called ‘BAD IDEA.’ The K-pop duo glazes to put on a spectacular show as they drop the full version of the song alongside their much-awaited album in just a few days.

As per Hellokpop, Sanha and Moonbin continually set the bar so high to their fans’ expectations towards their album. Moreover, the duo shared impressive shots and clips of their album and ‘BAD IDEA’ music video, poking their fans’ expectations.

The most prominent thing the duo made was making known the music video teaser for ‘BAD IDEA,’ that made their fans go crazy. The teaser exudes intense sophistication as it is a head turner and atmosphere-changing.

Additionally, the signature sound of Sanha and Moonbin can be heard on the video teaser, tagging along with the sounds of a ticking clock and the segments where time seemed to freeze, adding an enthralling feeling to its viewers.

Previously, the K-pop duet fascinates their fans with enticing and intriguing contents before the release of ‘IN-OUT.’ Sanha and Moonbin started their teaser releases by revealing the album’s tracklist, showing the five songs that will surely make its way to their fans’ playlist.

The next teaser came in a form if a concept image where the duo starred in two different concepts, the “FADE IN” and “FADE OUT.”

Later on, the ASTRO sub-unit dropped the Highlight Medley that previews the songs that comprise their upcoming album. Also, the video clip allowed the fans to take a peek on their album’s jacket photoshoot, making the best match of the audio and visual concepts.

The two dashing lads then delivered solo images that promise their fans a glorious album release. Furthermore, on the same day of the album’s release, the sub-unit will hold a special comeback live broadcast.

Sanha and Moonbin will make their first-ever ‘IN-OUT’ EP on September 14 at precisely 6 P.M. KST.