EXO's Chen released a song "Your Moonlight" for the TV series "Do You Like Brahms" on September 8th as its official soundtrack.

However, the idol's united supporters have left several scathing comments on the track since it was launched. While foreign fans hailed the song as a great song for its acoustic orchestral piano and Chen's haunting vocals, Korean "fans" trolled the music's Melon site with bad reviews.

The track already has 1.7 stars out of five stars. Korean internet users lined up side-by-side with Chen's old supporters, while a few posted feedback, urging Chen to leave the group and that he should have been respectful to the fans. Some claim he has to leave the group after letting down the fan's trust, and in the longer term, it would destroy the image of EXO.

"Fans just don't do this for fun," said one Korean netizen. "At this level, Chen just seems egoistic and reckless." Even so, there are a few supporters who think it's ridiculous that people terrorize his Melon site simply because he declines to quit the group.

When EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun posted snapshots of them listening to Chen's masterpiece and promoting it to their Instagram stories, stuff further intensified. (via Kpopstarz) Fans also said the two members labeled them as traitors as they were wholly betrayed by what they have done, enticing the sharing of Chen's track to their Instagram story.

Moreover, the so-called fans went to the top of the real-time trend list in Twitter Korea with "EXO Disband for Deceiving The Fans" to show their anger. Many were surprised to see that EXO fans themselves were using the hashtag.

Some supporters even used the hashtag to point out how disappointed the members were, with several stating that they would stop being a group fan.