In the world that is already abandoned, the only rule left is survival.

Cinephiles who prefer the zombie genre most are surely familiar with the Korean horror film Train to Busan that was released in 2016. The story centers on the passengers aboard a speeding train that must fight off a very hungry zombie to survive until they reach their safest destination. And now, the very first trailer for the follow-up film, Peninsula is being produced by James Wan who also produced the box-office hits Insidious and Aquaman.

Warning! There will be some spoilers for Train to Busan and the animated prequel below.

Renowned actor Gong Yoo portrays the character of Seok-woo. He is a divorced and a workaholic fund manager who one day was not able to attend his daughter Su-an's singing recital. He decided to visit his mother in Busan for her birthday to make it up to her. As soon as the train was pulling out of the station, there was a young woman who suddenly jumped aboard the train. That woman unknowingly was already infected with a virus. While on the train the woman was already having some strange behavior and eventually turned into a zombie.

And well, you know how this story goes, almost every passenger in the train was infected as the plague spread rapidly throughout the train. The passengers did whatever it takes to stick and help each other against the crowd of zombies but must face a lot of inevitable complications like having to change trains at a station filled with the undead.

The viewers were able to witness the high-speed spread of the plague along with the passengers as the train passed city after city. It is quite impressive how well it captures the complicatedness of human nature in the middle of a scary epidemic, in which people are behaving both selflessly and selfishly due to the detriment of survival.

Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula was at first scheduled for release on August 12, 2020, but it's currently undecided due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hoping and praying that this pandemic will end soon and the theater might open again before them.

Peninsula is also set in the same universe as the first film that was released. As seen in the trailer, it is very clear that the zombie outbreak has annihilated the region. There is a soldier named Jeong-seok, played by Gang Dong-won, who survived. He is a member of the covert military operation coming back to the infected zone. Most of the human survivors they come across seem to have largely gone untamed, forcing people to fight to the death against the zombies. There are only two lines of dialogue in the trailer: a panicked soldier screaming "Block the entrance!" and a little girl asking Jeong-seok if he was scared.

In the meantime, if Korean zombie horror is your liking, you can always rewatch Train to Busan: Seoul Station or you can also binge on the fantastic Netflix series Kingdom while you're waiting for the forthcoming one.