American Entertainment label Sony Pictures is making an upcoming Marvel Comics superhero-themed movie named "Silk!"

The female lead of the said movie is still to be revealed at this moment. A Korean girl named Cindy Moon is the main actor in the said marvel movie. This role first featured way back in 2014 on "The Amazing Spider-Man # 1."

Cindy Moon is a woman bitten by a spider, where others may claim she is the female version of the world-renowned Peter Parker (Spiderman). But since the role is a Korean American woman, many foreign news sources have pointed to Korean actresses Bae Suzy and Park So Dam to likely represent Cindy Moon (starring character).

Cindy Moon is said to exhibit the very same skills as Spiderman's Peter Parker when she had been bitten by the same radioactive spider, which caused Spiderman his skills. (via Kdramastars)

The difference is that the spider-sense of Cindy Moon (called "Silk Sense" by her) is greater than Peter's. It was evident when the two main characters first interacted, Cindy was much quicker than Peter.

Although Cindy isn't as powerful as Spiderman when it comes to force or strength, she has the power to fire webs from her fingertips, and she also has incredible memory skills.

The global multimedia outlets additionally clarified that by leading the TV series alone, Park So-dam could grab western audiences to portray Cindy Moon from 'Silk.'

In terms of acting performance, the said artist is one of the reliable options, making her breakthrough in the movie "Black Priests," and subsequently became established internationally to gain four Academy Awards for the critically successful movie 'Parasite.'

They, too, have picked Korean actress Bae Suzy as a great candidate for the character from girl band Miss A. International media source said one drawback is the language problem. It won't be a significant concern, though, as there is plenty of time to plan for the character, whereas the output is still in progress.

Meanwhile, others have speculated that if there are no language and communication issues, then Park So Dam and Bae Suzy are certainly the best-qualified performers to embody Cindy Moon.