Wonho has already been working tirelessly since his withdrawal from MONSTA X, and has officially released his debut solo album, much to the excitement and delight of fans!

The idol expressed his thoughts on returning with his first solo record released in a news organization conversation. Wonho admitted that he had been eager to communicate with fans what he desired musically but couldn't do this whole time.

He added that he was glad that he could reclaim and payback fans who had been waiting for him with his music. As per Wonho, Love Synonym is a way of describing his new ventures. (via Koreaboo)

Through passion and love, amid the communication difficulties, he can connect with supporters worldwide. Wonho has valuable contact with fans, and that is the commitment he keeps through his debut album. He also promotes the pre-release single, "Losing You," as the title track he would like to present to fans.

The song contains the sentiment he wants to share with everybody, and he wishes the track is launched as soon as possible when planning for the album. He also arranged it in both English and Korean with significant consideration. Finally, Wonho aims to work on creating happy memories with supporters. If you'd like to listen to Wonho 's soundtrack, listen to his favorite song below, "Losing You."


Wonho, who is known as a famous person with such an increased focus on fitness and physique, has spoken about healthy practices in many interview sessions concerning his photo ops and stresses the importance of regular exercise. As part of a partnership with Dazed magazine, in October 2018, he collaborated with Under Armour to encourage an effective and safe way of living.

As part of a photo session for the May 2019 campaign "Elle Body Challenge" by Elle magazine, he again advocated a balanced lifestyle. Starship Entertainment confirmed on October 31, 2019, the withdrawal of Wonho from Monsta X following accusations involving him, including speculation about the illicit use of cannabis while young on social networking sites.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's drug enforcement unit also investigated the accusations made. Finally, Starship Entertainment issued an official announcement on March 14, 2020, saying the probe had concluded and that Wonho is clear of any wrongdoing, and the reports were unsubstantiated.