Korea is known for its plates of seafood and, of course, tasty barbeque meat. Some of those famous food are Samgyupsal, Bulgogi, and many more that even international fans loved.

Meanwhile, here are some K-pop idols shifted to become fully vegan or someone who does not eat meat. However, most of the K-pop idols on the list are partially vegan, technically like pescatarians, who do not eat meat but eat fish.

Here are the female K-pop idols who shared their journey to become a vegetarian and follow a vegan diet according to Kpopstarz.

1. Lee Hyori

In 2011, she was the “Nations’ Fairy” who is also a former member of Fin. K. L. She then revealed that she became a vegan which her diet includes eating vegetarian meals that contain seafood such as squids and fish. Accused of hurting Korea’s meat industry because that time, she was the former goodwill ambassador and the official spokesperson of the Korean beef’s governing board, the Hanwoo Board.

However, some netizens have divided opinions regarding her diet but mostly complicated her for changing into a healthier lifestyle. Her aims were also to protect those mistreated animals.

Despite her age, she got one of the most beautiful, sexy bodies having a youthful vibe.

It seems like her vegan diet is productive because of the apparent results she had.

2. TWICE Tzuyu

In June 2020, Tzuyu revealed that she is recently on a diet and became a vegetarian or a pescatarian. She cut down her red meat consumption and eat only fish along with Chaeyoung and Momo. She became fond of looking for vegan cafés and restaurants to prove that she is becoming a full vegan.

Moreover, Tzuyu loves animals that might explain why she changes the way she eats and her diet. She was planning to continue her diet because she loves its outcome.

3. Girls’ Generation Tiffany

Tiffany revealed that she is on a vegetarian diet five times a week during her guesting on “Yuri’s Table,” her co-member Yuri’s show in September. She shared that changing one meal a day would help someone feel healthy and value the natural environment.

4. Brown Eyed Girls JeA

In 2012, JeA admitted that she became a vegan. She then posted on her social media account that she is a vegetarian who can not eat pizza. She also mentioned about feeling irritated before when she cannot eat meat for a day.

5. Somi

Somi is a K-pop solo artist who also shared about becoming vegan for a month. She mentioned during her V-Live in October 2018 that she ate less meat and started a vegan diet. Looking for good restaurants, she wanted to try is one of her hobbies.