The K-pop music industry has risen to an uphill success with their continued partnership with western artists throughout the years that genuinely transcends language barriers. With that said, here are some notable tracks that you should have on replay.

BLACKPINK - ‘Ice Cream’ Ft Selena Gomez

BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” has proven to be one of the tracks that are proven to be a summer song that features an all-out English single, which international fans can also appreciate to listen to. Selena Gomez’s contribution to the group also fits in the aesthetic of BLACKPINK with her soft girlish voice style: sweet yet saucy.

BTS - ‘Boy With Luv’ Ft Halsey

A light-hearted single from BTS that deserves a listen or two was one of the highlight releases in 2019. The single MV also had a success that features colors painted on it along with the neon lights presented on the background.

With BTS being well-known for their intricate dances, Western singer Hasley got on the action too, and the collective dance shot that ensued was epic.

EXO’s Lay NCT 127 With Jason Derulo - ‘Let Shut Up & Dance’

As the title of the song, the track provides a dark atmosphere that everyone can dance to. The single has a sexy vibe threading to it perfectly complemented by the fluid movements showcased throughout the music video.

The K-pop Western collaboration took time to celebrate dances and dancers through all walks of life in a nod to how the artistry of dancing, much like music, in this case, rises above culture.

MONSTA X Ft Steve Aoki - ‘Play It Cool’

“Play It Cool” has Steve Aoki’s signature all over the track. The group’s collaboration with the Western artists features a smooth and mellow voice the meld with the beat, and when the base drop, you can’t help to groove.

MONSTA X’s sleek choreography only serves to make it dark, gritty beat work harder as we pivot from their peaceful scene from the bar to the dance floor.

GOT7’s Jackson With Gucci Mane - ‘Different Game’

GOT7 member Jackson’s collaboration with Gucci Mane is remarkable, not because of the pairing of two rappers, but because they reference the song. Gucci Mane rapped about how his work and career influence GOT7 member and Team Wang to collaborate in music. The rapper also features with a verse that further excites their joint accomplishments.

Red Velvet’s Wendy & John Legend - ‘Written In The Stars’

Born from the collaboration of two vocal legends, “Written in the Stars,” is a beautiful masterpiece with Wendy’s soft vocals that harmonizes John Legend’s deep baritone to deliver an enchanting love ballad about star-crossed lovers who almost came to be. The pair even teamed up to shoot a romantic music video set in the Californian desert.