Latterly, a K-netizen revealed on an online discussion forum that the 23-year-old K-pop idol Kang Daniel has donated 35,000 copies of his albums. The netizen was able to take photos as proof of the idol’s extreme generosity.

The ‘Who U Are’ singer is best known as an active artist in donating, often granting free copies of his albums to the needed community. K-netizens from around the world has commended that young idol for his good deeds. However, some are not delighted with the singer’s charitable activities.

Some netizens called out the initial poster regarding his album and the donation, allegedly involving Kang Daniel of sharing leftover album that did not made the cut. Luckily, the singer got his beloved fans to rescue the false accusations, saying that their idol’s album sales were impressively doing good every day. There is no sole reason for the singer to dispose of his unsold albums.

The talk made its way to the headlines, leading to Kang Daniel’s Album Support Team releasing a statement concerning the online community forum, addressing the donation backlash.

“Our team is currently participating in the donation event with good intentions and a good heart. Despite that, there are people who have taken photos of the process and used it to our disadvantage,” the dedicated support team said.

Furthermore, the announcement highlighted that if any netizens still use the photos negatively, they would take legal actions.

The promising act is not the first Kang Daniel actively donated to a charity. In 2018, he gave out 2 million KRW to ALS awareness and 12.1 million KRW to Miral Welfare Foundation during his birthday. The said foundation supports the less-privileged group’s medical expenses and daily consumption.

Last year, the ‘Waves’ singer donated 30 million KRW to the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief for the Foseong Fire affected South Koreans. In December of the same year, he generously gave another 30 million KRW to The Snail of Love by his beloved DANITYs, which benefits the deaf community.

In February of this year, the idol donated 50 million KRW to the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief.