New stills of Kim Bum in the tvN's upcoming drama "Tale of the Nine-Tailed" now released!

The upcoming drama, "Tale of the Nine-Tailed," is an "urban fantasy drama" that features the mythical nine-tailed fox, a male gumiho named Yi Yeon (played by Lee Dong Wook) who has just settled in a city. And the fearless and talented producing director (PD) Nam Ji Ah (played by Jo Bo Ah), whose current features are about urban myths and is determined to hunt the gumiho.

Kim Bum has made a shocking comeback on the small screen as he returned to acting in a drama series for the first time in four years. His acting transformation with the first role as a half-human role will emphasize his broad acting spectrum. Kim Bum will portray Yi Rang, Yi Yeon's half-brother, born with parents human and a gumiho. Yi Rang is a treacherous gumiho with unstable emotions that would make the story conflict. He has the skill of transformation to continuously change figures that see-through human greed and place bets by using their desires.

The drama released captivating new stills of his character amid growing anticipation for Kim Bum's role. Yi Rang displayed a laid-back attitude as he held a wine glass while wearing outfits suited to the luxurious restaurant's atmosphere. While exchanging conversation with someone, he was smiling slightly and later turns to a wild smile, which leads to curiosity about his sudden change of extreme emotion.

Kim Bum also shared that since this is his first time filming a drama, his excitement and nervousness doubled after four years of hiatus. He then expressed his gratefulness to the director, staff members, and fellow actors who made him feel welcomed in the set and made his heart and body melt stiff with anxiety. After meeting Yi Rang's character, he shared that he can finally act in a new and exciting concept that he never experienced from previous films.

The drama production team described Kim Bum as an actor who showcases never-ending different charms like a spring that does not dry. They also added that Kim Bum would act as a new catalyst that would intrigue the viewers in the drama "Tale of the Nine-Tailed."

As the follow-up to "Flower of Evil," "Tale of the Nine-Tailed" will premiere on October 7 at 10:50 p.m. KST.