DAY6’s subunit Even A Day has an explosive start with their first single “Where The Sea Sleeps” from their mini-album “The Book of Us: Gluon - Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” as it hits number one on iTunes Charts in different countries.

Even A Day, composes of members Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon, proceed to enter the iTunes Charts with their first mini-album “The Book of Us: Gluon - Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.” Shortly after its release, the mini-album crawled its way to the top of iTunes charts in multiple countries all over the world, while the album’s title track, “Where The Sea Sleeps,” hit number one on local airwaves such Bugs and Naver.

According to JYP Entertainment, as of 9:30 am KST on September 2, the album had hit number one on iTunes Charts in 11 countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more.

Meanwhile, DAY6 subunit Even A Day shared their musical journey in making the mini-album “The Book of Us: Gluon - Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” and what are the group’s future in the months to come.

Even A Day member Young K described their musical differences between DAY6 and Even A Day, stating that they changed their instruments and focused on electronic drums and synths. Young K continued that the subunit also widened their range of musical expression as the bass and guitar alternated between their usual roles. Dowoon added that to overcome the limits of creating a full sound with only three members, the group chooses to use electric instruments.

Even A Day also talked about the meaning of the album, stating that they portrayed what difficult challenges they face and that the group can overcome it if they stand together. Wonpil added that the subunit wants to express that whatever challenging situations may come to the band, they can find particular things and also say that “nothing can tear us apart.”

DAY6’s subunit shared some of the funny stories while making the mini-album The Book of Us: Gluon - Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.” Young K says that other band members focused on their English pronunciation, commenting that they looked cute in doing so, to the point that it made him laugh.