'The School Nurse Files," a Netflix original K-drama series, drew flak due to its obscene trailer subtitles!

Netflix's original K-drama, "The School Nurse Files," follows the story of a health teacher named An Eun Young who can see jelly-like monsters present in the school. She eradicates them using her toy knife and BB gun with the help of her co-teacher.

The previous trailer released by Netflix unveiled Ahn Eun Young, who was surprised by the strange things that are appearing in the school. In a particular scene, the actress on her character held a specimen and said, "F***. What The H*** is this?" (as translated in the English Subtitles).

Later on, it was then discovered that the clip in the drama was not a part of the video scenes that was sent to the Video Ratings Committee or better known as the Korea Media Rating Board. The viewers immediately gave criticisms regarding this as they eagerly watched the teaser through their excitement for the new drama.

Furthermore, a Netflix representative expressed that they recognized that the "The School Nurse Files" teaser video was released with a different version from the one submitted to the rating committee found to be unacceptable.

They continued saying that they have deleted the teaser with the malicious subtitles in all channels on the same day they received the news. Including channels in Naver Cast, Kakao TV, and YouTube has been modified its subtitles.

The eagle-eyed K-drama fans noted that this is not the only time Netflix misinterpreted the drama's lines through their subtitles. It was brought out that the "Kingdom 2" released in Taiwan, showed the title "Ishi Chosun" in Chinese characters.

The Netflix title corresponded to a different related Japanese meaning that may have to depict a language that could create confusion for the overseas viewers.

Meanwhile, though Netflix responded to their side of the story, the Netflix subtitle controversy has been ongoing. The complaint regarding "The School Nurse Files" subtitles is the fourth this year.