On August 31, TREASURE held a V Live broadcast with their fans called "LieV."

It's been almost a month since the boy group TREASURE's highly anticipated debut with "BOY" was released last August 7. This September, the group plans for a remarkable comeback with "The First Step: Chapter Two."

Choi Hyun Suk said that it feels real when he reads articles and comments about them on media sites. Jihoon also said that he feels natural when they go on music shows or go to other work events. And on Junkyu's side, he has a hard time believing it is accurate because it has been months they have not seen their fans in person.

Meanwhile, TREASURE also shared their memories from their first music show. Jihoon was so excited to see himself on the monitor right away, and Haruto felt strange seeing himself in the music video.

The group's families also reacted to their debut. Choi Hyun Suk said that his siblings are like professional critics, pointing out everything, while Yoshi's mother told him to be careful with his facial expressions on stage. And Park Jeong Woo's parents said to him that he should work harder.

Among all the family, So Jung Hwan's parents are the most supportive. They sent So Jung Hwan a screenshot of his performances and sent them to him and complimented him for doing well.

Moreover, the members talked about how they first dreamed of becoming singers. Yoshi's older sister brought him to see the BIGBANG concert when he was young, and it was his first time seeing someone singing onstage, and he wanted to see himself standing in the stage.

YG Entertainment cast Yoon Jae Hyuk in his second year of high school. He was not yet ready at that time, and the agency contacted him again a year later, and that's where it all started for him. (Via Soompi)