Lee Hyori reveals what is on her mobile phone!

On KakaoTV's "Face ID" August 1 episode, husband and wife Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon appeared as first guests of the season. "Face ID" is an exclusive multimedia entertainment program showing the daily life of a star via their smartphone.

During the episode, Lee Hyori was requested to show fans the components of her cell. Though at first she's shocked, Lee Hyori is beginning to reveal the applications she regularly uses.

The viewers can see applications such as Instagram, weather app, clock, and alarm showing her phone. Lee Hyori also shared that she uses the voice recorder more often when she wakes up and record melodies she has in mind the bathroom.

Lee Hyori also demonstrated off an app where she can monitor her pets at home through a camera, an app that makes her legs look longer, and several other software she utilizes to purchase stuff for her pets. Asked to present the photographs on her mobile device to spectators, Lee Hyori revealed several images of Lee Sang Soon and her animals.

Lee Hyori said, "Those are all dogs. I've got 1,093 images. Seriously it's dog paradise. How can I document so many dog pictures? My pets, someone else's puppies, animals in the shelters."

Recently, Lee Hyori mentioned she is trying to have a baby. She laughed while scrolling at her smartphone when she stumbled across an app to keep a record of her ovulation cycles. She then started telling Lee Sang Soon to try a few yoga positions later to benefit them eventually.

In conclusion, Lee Hyori said, "As everyone has just seen, there is nothing but puppies in my device. I'm going to share these as much as I can." (via Soompi)

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