Members of DAY6’s unit “Even Of Day” talks about their new album, future goals, and many more.

On August 31, Even of Day, consists of members Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon, debuted with their first album “The Book Of Us: Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart” and their music video for their title track “Where The Sea Sleeps.”

The unit described the musical differences between Even of Day and DAY6. Young K said that they changed up their instruments and style of music.

The unit also focuses on using electronic drums and synthesizers, where they will widen their range of musical expression as the bass and electric guitar alternated between their usual roles. And for the melodies and the lyrics, they will continue with DAY6’s style. Dowoon added that they chose to use electronic sounds in order to overcome the limits in creating full sound with only limited members.

The members also talked about the meaning of their new album. Wonpil said that when people run into some unexpected thing throughout their life, they can end up falling apart. They want to express that even in the most challenging situations, they will be able to find extraordinary things and that “nothing can tear us apart.” Portrayed in their album name that no matter what, they can do it if they will do it together.

To sum things up, the members talked about their future goals, where Young K shared that they want to try a lot of stuff related to music. He wants to show his “musician “ side of him and wants to try exchanging thoughts and be influenced by other artists through their shows about music like JTBC’s “Begin Again” and sing in different environments. Lastly, he wants to be a fixed member of an eating variety show. (Via Soompi)