BTS may be the most popular Kpop idol group nowadays but the achievements of its individual members is nothing to scoff at. Jimin recently broke a Spotify record for the fastest Korean solo song to reach 30 million streams.

According to a report by All Kpop, BTS Jimin's solo record Filter rose to become the fastest Korean solo song to reach the 30 million streams on the platform. It took only one month for Filter to reach the milestone after it was released as part of the B-Side tracks of BTS' Map of the Soul 7.

As a result, #FilterByJimin30M naturally became the subject of a global Twitter party.

This was not the first time for Jimin to break a record for Filter. It also became the most-streamed Korean song on YouTube music with 17 million streams. The numbers continue to grow with Jimin stans and ARMYs supporting BTS music.

Spotify and YouTube Music are not the only platforms where Jimin's music shined.

It can be recalled that early this year, fans celebrated Jimin's self-composed solo track Promise after it reached 200 million views on SoundCloud. Since it was released in December, 2018, Promise has been breaking records on the music platform.

Within the first 24 hours of upload, Jimin's Promise already broke Drake's record for the biggest 24-hour debut. Promise almost doubled the number of streams for Drake's Duppy Freestyle which was streamed 4.9 million times in 24 hours. Jimin's solo track garnered 8.5 million views within its first day. It was also the fastest song to reach 100 million streams on SoundCloud.

Jimin's Promise was his joint composition with Slow Rabbit while the lyrics were written by Jimin and RM.

To celebrate the milestone, fans naturally took to Twitter to celebrate the achievement by trending Jimin related hashtags worldwide.

However, it seems that Jimin is not yet done breaking records because he was recently honored as the first and only Korean artist to rank No. 1 in the 100 Idols Individual Brand Reputation Ranking (BRR) for 12 months in a row. Jimin topped the Brand Reputation Rankings for the month of March, making it an entire year that he dominated the rankings.

For March, he topped the list for the keywords Promise ON and Filter. He recently gained attention for reaching 200 million streams on SoundCloud and his outstanding vocal on ON, a separate report from All Kpop indicated.