The South Korean 10-member all-boy band, NCT 127, always looks at their best state. And, as per Kpopstarz, all dashing lads of the band indeed smells good if one tries to examine their photo releases, either on social media or through posters.

Well, it's not a shock that each handsome member uses the trendy and loveliest scents of all times, making them more mesmerizing.

A K-pop dedicated insider, Koreaboo, listed each member's choice of scent and fragrances, making their fans know that once the smell is existent, it might be them.


Tagged as one of the heartthrobs, Johnny, uses two scents: Versace's Eau Fraiche and Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne. His scent depicts a citric smell that brings refreshment.


The bandleader hails Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay as his perfume choice. The woman's scent reminds him of the flowers. Also, Taeyong uses the universal scent of Irish 39 by Le Labo, giving him a foresty-scented smell.


Adding up to the list of NCT 127's scents is the idol's choice: Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream. It is a mixture of floral and fruity notes of wisteria, blackberry, and Lychee.


The idol chooses Chanel's No. 5 perfume that makes him smell like a flower fairy. Moreover, he is an avid fan of Flower by Kenzo and Tam Dao by Diptyque.


The flowery smell of Doyoung is from Le Labo's Lys 41 perfume that smells like jasmine, lily, and tuberose.


The now NCT's Chinese unit WayV member is a fan of Acqua Di Parma's Blue Mediterraneo perfume. The said perfume is for both men and women.


The K-pop idols use White Suede by Tom Ford. The said perfume is made for women with notes of suede, musk, and lily of the valley.


On top of his fellow band members a-lister fragrances, Mark revealed that he does not use any. He previously shared the matter to the fans.


The idol utilizes the scent of Chloe's Rose perfume. The vocalist's fragrance is categorized under women's scent with notes of rose, musk, and Lychee.


Last but not the least, Haechan uses Cartier’s L’Huere Diaphane VIII perfume.