Girls' Generation's Seohyun assembles a classy and stylish woman in a carefree and innocent look in the photoshoot with W Korea. Along with the mag's interview, the actress talked about her role in the JTBC drama, "Private Life," which will premiere tomorrow, August 28.

The upcoming JTBC drama occurs during the current age in which people share, fabricate, and steal their private lives. It follows the story of con artists mobilizing their techniques to disclose the nation's foremost "private life."

Seohyun shared that they finished the script reading a few weeks ago, and after that, she has been spending most of her time on the set. She continued that if she describes her character Cha Joo Eun as she read in the synopsis, she will say that her portrayed character is an "impudent and outspoken swindler by lifestyle." Cha Joo Eun is the character that is the opposite of the characters she played so far.

The actress continued that the new role is very realistic to the point that when she received the script, she asked, "Is she the lead character?" she explained that Cha Joo Eun is not like many standard female leads in dramas, but still deals with financial troubles.

When the interviewer pointed out that the character is opposite to her real personality, she disagreed, saying that when she first read the script, she thought that the name is a bit like her. "I know, to a certain extent, there are people in the public who see me as the youngest member of the Girls' Generation since it is the image I showed for a long time. But I believe that I am the most well versed of my personality. I am someone with a diverse personality, and sometimes people around tell me that I'm a bit of a klutz."

Seohyun's upcoming drama, "Private Life," premieres in September.