Actor Lee Joon Hyuk, presently known worldwide as a snotty prosecuting attorney Seo Dong Jae (also recognized as Forest of Secrets) in both Stranger seasons, is, in fact, a timid and socially awkward man.

He's not really on any social media site — but in the past, he created his private accounts for Twitter and Instagram. Since "getting hacked," Lee Joon Hyuk hasn't posted since 2015, and his Instagram was removed after the finale of Stranger season 1.

Lee Joon Hyuk confirmed in a 2019 magazine article that he does not intend to return using the accounts because he "can not take selfies" and "[doesn't] believe the need for social networking sites." That said, the supporters of Lee Joon Hyuk understand his ability to hang on to himself has little to do with his appreciation to his supporters. (via Koreaboo)

That is, apart from one fan — the owner of his official fan café. Twitter and other Korean culture websites posted screenshots of a lengthy article from the administrator on the performer's fan cafe, "Jupiter," on August 25. "The admin placed her statement on a bulletin board where the actor could see," the tweet explained.

And overwhelmingly, the internet users grew dissatisfied with the letter's contents. In simple terms, the admin started complaining that he was "not as involved in his fans, and [does] not care about the kindness and attention that has been garnered." The message outlined some occurrences when the admin felt unrewarded. Lee Joon Hyuk "didn't show any gratitude" for the fan cafe or public display of affection for people who supported him.

The admin keeps insisting that Lee Joon Hyuk should try harder "to socialize more with the fans" after finding out that other celebrities closely communicate with their fan cafes and café administrators.

She even pledged that Lee Joon Hyuk would "interact directly" with her, too, to represent the fan cafe effectively. As the screenshots made headlines online, condemning her for being irrational and "asking too much from Lee Joon Hyuk" was unavoidable.

The fan cafe was forced to close all of the discussion boards promptly. Some cafe leaders have said the admin has since given a less-than-satisfactory description of their sole intervention and requested a forum to decide the fan cafe's prospects.

She reportedly also hasn't made an apology for giving Lee Joon Hyuk a "troublesome" note. These supporters have also figured out that given what the administrator form statement appears like. Lee Joon Hyuk is pretty active in the fan cafe and is more than communicative with his supporters.