A former member of 9MUSES and professional actress, Kyungri has recently taken to Instagram to vent her frustration over her taxi driver's reckless actions. Kyungri decided to share on Instagram that her cab driver had violated a road regulation. But what she had an issue with when she told him to reduce speed was how he responded, and she was outraged.

"My cab driver had just been exceeding the speed limit through a school zone. I told him to ease down because it was a school zone, but he replied, 'I am the driver, so why is that part of your business?' What is that kind of reasoning? I'm lost for words." After her encounter with the cab driver, she reported him but only to get a response to only educate him. (via Koreaboo)

Many fans are disappointed about why the cab driver cannot be suspended from his job post for violating a road regulation. In the meantime, Kyungri has deleted her Instagram story.

Meanwhile, you can catch Kyungri in JTBC's upcoming series 'Undercover' that is set to air next year.


Park Gyeong-ree is best known as Kyungri from the now-dissolved South Korean band 9MUSES. She had finished her secondary level at Daemyung Girls High School and reached a contractual deal under Medialine Entertainment back in 2010. Kyungri works diligently as a backup dancer with local singers Kim Gun-mo, Park Mikyung, and Chae Yeon.

Kyungri embarked on an acting career after her group disbanded in 2019. She extended her contract deal under Star Empire Entertainment for a solo career and started taking on supporting roles in drama series 'Reply 1994,' 'On The Way To The Airpot' and 'Real.'

However, Star Empire Entertainment officially confirmed on July 31, 2019, that Kyungri has agreed not to extend her deal with Star Empire further, thus departing the agency after seven years.