Members of EXO's huge fan base called EXO-Ls are furious after EXO member Chen was excluded from the Google membership list. When scanning the EXO members' page, one can only see eight members on the list: Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Sehun, Suho, Lay, and Xiumin.

Fans are even more upset that EXO's main vocal is the only one absent in the chart, while the former members, Tao, Luhan, and Kris, were still on the said list. Not only was Chen's name removed as an EXO member, but he is not even on the EXO-CBX and EXO-M member roster, which makes EXO-Ls even more furious.

Because of this, EXO-Ls promptly contacted Google to get clarification about why the K-pop idol was omitted from the list. As stated by fans, Chen is still an EXO member with no declaration of departure or acknowledgment that it has quit the K-pop boy band.

In reality, SM Entertainment and EXO members have stated that their roster will not change, and EXO will continue as a nine-membered band. According to a few supporters and internet users, Chen's name may have been mistakenly erased by Google, or it may be the outcome of a device malfunction, which is why it was removed by accident.

The fandom members are therefore requesting Google to fix it and accept their mistake, for it is highly offensive and insulting, considering that the singer worked incredibly hard as an EXO member and lead vocalist.

One of Google's employees, Danny Sullivan, answered EXOPROTECTIONSQUAD, an account or group dedicated to defending EXO. "Such issues usually immediately fix themselves within a few days, but I'll transfer it on." (via Kpopstarz)

Currently, EXO-Ls, primarily Soondingies (Chen's specific fandom name), are continually dominating the hashtags. They are now waiting for the update by Google to re-add Chen's name to the membership list.