NU’EST’s Minhyun embodies a debonair gentleman in the recent photoshoot with 1st Look magazine. After the pictorial, Minhyun sat down for an interview and talked about making his acting debut in the upcoming JTBC drama “Live On” (LT).

Minhyun shared that he was nervous during their first script-reading. To prepare himself, he revealed that he practiced to the point that his script was worn-out, and it helped him master his role. However, he became so nervous during their first filming in general, but eventually, he adapted being on the set and had fun filming with other casts.

In the drama, Minhyun plays a perfectionist and a know-it-all guy named Go Eun Taek. Regarding the character’s description, Minhyun shared that he thinks that they both have a lot in common, especially on the aspect of being well-organized. “I enjoy planning when going on trips or doing any work.”

Furthermore, Minhyun, during the interview, shares how he relieved his stress and said that he is not the kind of person who quickly gets stressed-out, but these days, he is watching what he eats because of the drama filming. “I watch mukbangs (eating broadcasts). I like ramyun. But I can’t eat it often because it causes puffiness, that is why I typically watch ramyun mukbangs.”

The singer-actor was asked whether he thinks his younger self would’ve imagined his current person. Minhyun explained that although he couldn’t have correctly predicted his exact self now, Minhyun honestly had a belief that he should do well even after he debuted.

Moreover, regarding his secret to exploring from being an idol to a musical actor and now a rookie actor, he shared that he doesn’t want to be venturing in one place only.

Minhyun added that since he has L.O.Λ.Es (NU’EST’s fans) waiting for him to reach these places, he thinks that he should keep trying new things that he can do well in them. “Even if I have worries or having a hard time, they become my source of inspiration that presses me to endure and move forward.”

Minhyun’s full pictorial spread and interview will be available on the 202nd issue of 1st Look magazine!