JYP Entertainment continues to fight against malicious allegations about girl group TWICE as the record company filed for 37 legal charges.

On August 20, 2020, JYP Entertainment has announced they have taken legal action on behalf of TWICE. The record company stated that after the investigation they have conducted regarding rumors about TWICE, they decided to take legal action and filed a total of 37 charges up until August this year.

JYP Entertainment continued that in addition to TWICE's malicious comments, the company will also include the cases of communities and specific blogs with extreme, inappropriate posts that defame TWICE. Lastly, the record label stated that they would continue to take strong legal actions without leniency against actions that post malicious content that defame TWICE and hinder their promotions.

In previous reports, TWICE held an online concert by Naver' BEYOND LIVE – TWICE: World in A Day.'

After performing 'More And More' on their online concert, TWICE unveiled to their fans that they will be releasing an English version of the song. The girl group hinted that the English version of 'More And More' will be out soon, in which international fans can also appreciate the single.

During the 'BEYOND LIVE – TWICE: World in A Day,' TWICE performed their hit discographies such as 'Fancy,' 'Heart Shaker,' 'TT,' and more. The K-pop idols also performed 'Love Foolish' for the first time in the concert, after which Sana commented that she was nervous throughout the performance, but with fans' support, she was able to do well.

Although 'BEYOND LIVE – TWICE: World in A Day' was an online concert, TWICE didn't hesitate to communicate with ONCE (TWICE's official fan name) through videos on the screen as reading through the comment section.

Moreover, member Chaeyoung revealed that she was nervous since it's the group's first virtual concert. The singer's worries disappear as she sees the fan's enormous support online.