One will be surprised to learn that this young K-pop female idol is not just gorgeous but brainy as well.

Initially, K-pop idols are trained at a very young age to improve their singing and dancing skills. Meanwhile, music celebrities usually enjoy their spotlight and becoming famous.

However, there is this female idol that made a massive turn in her life. This young girl went to one of the most prestigious schools in Asia. Still, she gave up her academic opportunities to fulfill her dream of becoming an idol and is now enjoying in the K-pop industry.

The girl we are talking about is (G) I-DLE's Yuqi. She was originally from Beijing, China, and was born in 1999, the only child of her parents where she became the highlight of attention of them.

Aside from that, Yuqi is naturally smart. She managed to enter the city's most highly acclaimed middle school in China's Old Summer Palace. Beijing 101 Middle School is said to have more than 100,000 books on its library, five human-made lakes, and a greenhouse supported by NASA.

Beijing 101 is the middle school for the best of the best. In her middle school, she was never a low-key student. She belongs in Class 1 among 14 sections and even managed to bag the second-highest score in her class.

Her parents wanted her to continue her studies because she is naturally smart. But she was more fascinated in becoming a performed and has always dreamed of becoming an idol.

It was hard for Yuqi to advance as an official K-pop idol because she was a foreign trainee and struggled with different hardships upon arriving in Korea. After several years of training, Yuqi finally debuted as an official (G)I-DLE member in May 2018. Yuqi is now the groups lead dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist, and the group's stunning visual.