According to fans and netizens, here are some of the best leaders in the K-pop industry.

King Choice, a Korean survey and ranking platform, organized a poll voting where netizens can select K-pop leaders they think are the best leaders in the industry. On August 15, King Choice has gathered more than 29 million votes.

Here are some of the best leaders that were selected by the netizens:

1. EXO – Suho

Kim Junmyeon, or also known as Suho, ranked first as best leaders in the poll. Suho means “guardian” in Korean.

By just one look, he emits a respectable leader aura. He is also highly admired by netizens, industry, and fans because of his leadership, good manners, intelligence, and generosity. He has taken care of eight members for more than a decade and giving all of his best to them and fans.

2. BTS – RM

Kim Namjoon, or famously known as RM, has made it to the top again. He has been selected as best leaders several times in the past years.

His attitude, patience, intelligence, and care for his members brought him to the top again. Talking about responsibility, one member of the group is supposed to not debut with the group, but he took the opportunity to keep his group intact.

3. TWICE – Jihyo

Park Jihyo is one of the trainees who trained the longest time. She debuted after ten years and was made TWICE’s leader.

From humble beginnings, she showed other group members what hard work is, and she speaks for her group and is a good role model for them.

4. ASTRO – Jinjin

The leader of ASTRO Jinjin, Park Jin-Woo, in real life, is not just an older brother of the group but also acts as a father to them. He makes everyone feel comfortable and let them join in his jokes and pranks and discipline them afterward.