MONSTA X's Shownu engaged in a photo session to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Korea.

He confirmed a few of his career ambitions and preparations during the shoot's official interview, including his appreciation for legendary singer Park Jinyoung, commonly known as JYP!

Although MONSTA X is now in its 5th year since its debut, Shownu admitted that it doesn't seem like they've been promoting for an extended period. While Shownu can't say he feels the same as when he was a beginner, he doesn't believe there's such a significant difference in performing his tasks. Shownu also expressed that they all seem to have a lot of love for what they're doing.

While Shownu aims to keep a target in mind instead of worrying about the future, he feels optimistic that much about the reality that they've been able to plan and perform for online concerts and reach the fans in this way due to the disease outbreak presently affects the world. As the subject has been the 20th annual celebration, Shownu does not believe that while he was twenty years old, he should have accomplished something he'd never have achieved now.

He picked cheekily, though, pretending to be new and trendy as something he wouldn't be doing at this point. Shownu also announced he'd love to be involved in the sector in 20 years, and selected his senior, JYP, and American pop star, Usher, as his benchmark for long-running showbusiness prosperity.

Shownu expressed that he believes a good and happy individual would be someone who knows how to defend for their fulfillment and values themselves. That sort of person will also be more optimistic and work even harder in life.

"I think somebody who cherishes their own contentment and also has self-love, is really awesome and a successful individual. These people are passionate and hard-working in everything they do." (via Koreaboo)

Meanwhile, MONSTA X has just recently undertaken its digital concert on August 6th.