BLACKPINK's Rosé recently shared her delightful experiences in Paris.

On December 1, Rosé uploaded a vlog titled "Paris vlog" on her YouTube channel 'Rosesarerosie.' She introduced the video by saying, "These are the fun moments I captured during my visit to Paris Fashion Week in September."

In the video, Rosé visited the Eiffel Tower. Upon arriving at her hotel, she expressed her joy, saying, "This is my favorite hotel."

The next day, after lunch, Rosé headed to Disneyland. She commented, "The weather seems to have gotten better. I wore extra layers because it was cold."

While exploring the souvenir shop, Rosé was particularly excited about the Dumbo dolls, remarking, "I thought I wouldn't buy anything this time, but now I'm worried. I think I need to buy a Dumbo doll before I leave."

She also noted the grand scale of Disneyland Paris, saying, "I heard Disneyland Paris covers one-fifth of Paris. It's really huge." Rosé spent a fun-filled day riding attractions and enjoying delicious food.

Switching back to work mode, Rosé tried on various outfits for the fashion show. While getting her makeup done, she mentioned, "Jisoo went for a rock-chic makeup look. I thought she would go for a princess look, but she went for something bolder."

After her work was done, Rosé enjoyed pasta and expressed her admiration for a YouTuber, saying, "Among the many ramen-eating videos, my favorite is from '입짧은 햇님' (Short-mouthed Haetnim)."

Rosé then met up with Jisoo. During their conversation, she joyfully shared, "I think my physical age has decreased by about two years. It's because I laughed so much. It was really funny. I'm going to live a long life."