After a year since the South Korean-Japanese all-girl group's, IZ*ONE, first solo concert, the famous ensemble announces their sophomore concert is coming to their loyal fans in September. Like all the shows happening this year, their concert will grace the online stage due to the COVID-19 threat, making it easier and safer for fans to spend time with their idols during this time of discord.

IZ*ONE's concert titled "ONEIRIC THEATER," lines with the concept of their latest album entitled "ONEIRIC DIARY." The South Korean-Japanese idols are in full gear in capturing their beloved fans' hearts and attention by conceptualizing the event through a fantasy theater with promising magical delights in store.

Furthermore, in a recent report of Hellokpop, the group raises the level of their forthcoming concert game plan as the nonet plans to utilize augmented and extended reality technology: technology similar to virtual reality. The innovation will make the online event more immersive, visually, and emotionally.

"ONEIRIC THEATER" is the girl group's way of sharing hope to their fans, eliminating the feeling of distance from the fans to themselves. The virtual show will surely provide fun and realistic content that can bestow the sense of isolation during this pandemic. IZ*ONE's concert will also contain vivid and colorful artwork to enhance the fans' experience as they enjoy the digital show.

IZ*ONE's forthcoming "ONEIRIC THEATER" online concert will take place on September 13 (Sunday) at precisely 5 P.M. KST.

The fans' expectations and excitement continue to rise as a response to the upcoming event. IZ*ONE solely continues to impress their fans worldwide, following their recent comeback in June and topping the July girl-group brand rankings finishing in the second place.

For starters, IZONE, best known as IZ*ONE, is composed of a dozen ladies from Japan and Korea. The band's name IZ is from the numeronym 12, and the ONE is a symbol of their group. Also, the asterisk depicts the astrological signs of each members' zodiac signs, Kami PH reported.