BTS's main vocalist, Jungkook, showcased his exceptional vocal color and capabilities in anticipation of the group's new song release.

On July 3rd, Jungkook released 'Still With You' and 'My Time' across various music platforms. 'Still With You' is a track co-produced with Pdogg, a producer known for crafting many of BTS's hit songs. 'My Time' encapsulates Jungkook's feelings towards his fans.

Previously, Jungkook had surprised fans by releasing these two songs in 2020 and 2021, respectively, on the free sharing site SoundCloud. Upon their initial releases, fans showed their fervor and expressed love for the songs.

'Still With You' maintains a somewhat dark and serene atmosphere, with Jungkook's vocals layered over the melody. His voice, seemingly infusing every lyric with emotion, showcases the peak of poignancy. The lyrics, devoid of a single English word, are noticeable. His longing vocal resonance, as if conveying a message to someone, immerses listeners in deeper emotion.

The song doesn't feature any high-pitched screaming parts. Instead, it provides a tranquil ambiance that blurs the lines between Jungkook as an idol dance singer and a singer-songwriter. Thanks to the soulful feel of the song, fellow artists like G.Soul and Heize showed interest by covering it. Moreover, 'Still With You', despite lacking an official music video, has garnered over 100 million views through fan-uploaded videos, highlighting its immense popularity.

If 'Still With You' encapsulates longing and affection, 'My Time' tends to soothe the hearts of fans with a bright and refreshing vibe. The song begins in English, exuding a pop song atmosphere, but the second verse is completed in Korean, bringing his sincerity closer to Korean fans.

Listening to 'My Time', it feels like it could easily become a BTS song with the addition of a verse from one of the rapper-line members, such as Suga, RM, or J-Hope, showcasing the high vocal proficiency of the song and Jungkook's superior vocal abilities.

As of the morning of the 4th, 'Still With You' ranked first on iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in 83 countries/regions worldwide, including the US, Canada, Germany, and France. This achievement signifies the immense anticipation of global fans for the song's official release. 'My Time' also recorded first place in iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in 15 countries/regions, including Finland, Paraguay, Japan, and Qatar, making Jungkook's global influence palpable.

On July 14th, Jungkook is set to release his new song, 'Seven', for the first time. As it marks his first official solo activity, much interest is focused on his new song. 'Seven' is a summer song with a lively melody filled with the spirit of summer. Along with the news of the solo single release, he also unveiled the album cover, which contains overlapping elements like the song title 'Seven', Jungkook's English name, and the number 7, on a white background, sparking curiosity about the hidden meaning.