Actor Yoo Ah-in has come forward, confessing his remorse over substance abuse.

On May 24, a pretrial detainee examination (warrant hearing) for actor Yoo Ah-in and acquaintance Mr. A took place at 11 AM (KST) under the jurisdiction of Chief Judge Lee Min-soo at the Seoul Central District Court.

Previously, on the 19th, the Narcotics Crime Investigation Team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had applied for an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah-in and Mr. A, citing concerns of evidence destruction and potential flight.

On this day, Yoo Ah-in responded, "I acknowledge a significant part of it," adding that "I have never attempted to aid the co-offender's escape," before heading to the court. His demeanor remained stoic; however, his noticeable grey hair captivated attention.

Following a warrant hearing that lasted about an hour and a half, Yoo Ah-in, bound in hand restraints, left the court and stated to the press, "I told them that the allegations about evidence destruction are entirely false. I revealed all the truth that I could."

When asked if he regrets drug misuse, he admitted, "I do regret it."

Last year, the police launched an investigation after receiving records from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that Yoo Ah-in had administered over 4400 ml of Propofol across 73 occasions throughout 2021.

On February 5th, shortly after Yoo Ah-in arrived from the United States, his urine and hair samples were collected and submitted to the National Forensic Service for precision testing. The analysis revealed the presence of four types of drugs - cannabis, Propofol, cocaine, and Ketamine. It was subsequently confirmed that he also overused Zolpidem.

Despite Yoo Ah-in's public acknowledgment and remorse for his drug misuse, the public continues to criticize him, questioning the sincerity of his statement.