Evidence has emerged suggesting that actor Yoo Ah-in may have attempted to facilitate the escape of an accomplice overseas.

According to a KBS report on the 22nd, police have uncovered circumstances indicating that Yoo Ah-in tried to help an accomplice flee the country. Police have used this finding as grounds for a warrant application, following the unsuccessful attempt to aid in the accomplice's escape.

On the same day, prosecutors filed for arrest warrants for Yoo Ah-in and an acquaintance, identified as Mr. A, both of whom are facing charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. The decision to issue a warrant will be determined after a pre-detention hearing of the suspects by the court.

On the 19th, police had already requested an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah-in. The warrant cited the risk of 'destruction of evidence'.

Yoo Ah-in is currently under investigation for allegedly administering five types of narcotics including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, and zolpidem. During police questioning, Yoo Ah-in denied all charges of drug administration except for marijuana.